We’re Moving

Dear Valued Customer

Billboard Media is moving to a new home at 3-5 Healey Road, Dandenong South.

Like most companies post the Covid19 pandemic our focus is on becoming a more efficient and responsible operation. Success and long-term viability are dependent on sound economic decisions and, while our current factory in Oakleigh South has been fantastic it far exceeds our needs. Moving to the Dandenong South location places our operations under one roof, we are closer to our major suppliers and it provides costs savings that can be invested back into improving our business and the services we offer our customers.

Moving an operaDon as large as Billboard Media is not a simple task. We will be moving in stages to keep producDon going as much as possible however expect some disruptions as equipment and materials are transferred to the new factory. The move will be carried out over the coming months and we will let you know when we expect to be fully operational at our new home closer to the compleDon of the move.

If you have any queries, please feel free to speak with your Account Manager.

We look forward to seeing you all at our new home in the very near future.


The Billboard Media Team