Founded in Melbourne Australia, more than 40 years ago, Billboard Media specialises in offering printing solutions using the best technology from around the world. Our depth of knowledge in printing is second to none and ensures we are committed to continuous improvement, involving testing and trailing the very latest innovative printers and cutters globally and bringing them to Australia.

We service businesses across the country with any printing requirements, from large scale outdoor media and shopping centre banners to smaller point of sale collateral. With the greatest number of large format printers in the southern hemisphere, it means we can turn around campaigns with maximum speed and efficiency and have the capabilities to print everything from posters and street furniture to custom size banners and billboards. Quality and speed are equally important at Billboard. We ensure our end result meets tight deadlines, with a focus on image quality. We understand that our products are essential representations of the brands that order them. With a team of more than 60 people, Billboard Media is one of the leading printing companies in Australia.


Incorporating sustainable practices and initiatives forms part of our daily planning.

As a business who works with cardboard and paper, we strive to offer our customers FFS certified and/or recyclable products to assist with reducing waste and supporting the right corporations in tree farming.

Some of our initiatives include:

  • Repurposing banner waste for packaging
  • Collection & reuse of banner cores
  • Metal waste separated for collection & recycling
  • Carboard waste separated for collection & recycling
  • Plastic waste (coreflute) separated for collection & recycling


  • Optimize board utilization (prepress, design & packaging)
  • Promotion of sustainable material alternatives
  • Development of sustainable products (eg. FMCG tower with paper clips – 100% recyclable)
  • LED Factory lighting upgrade throughout whole site including auto dimmers throughout the warehouse & sensor switches throughout the offices.
    200 x 500w Solar panels generating a max export capacity of 110kW
  • Ongoing investment in new Digital Printers replacing UV and solvent-based curing with energy efficient LED

If you are conscious in knowing the origin of your printing material, please ‘contact us’ and we can provide you with more detail.