Vinyl Banners

Advertisers use vinyl banners to catch people’s attention. Many people will stop and take notice. The larger the words and pictures are, the more people it attracts. Vinyl banners are the solution to standing out.

Upload your own graphics or use our online tools to design your dream advertisement. We will digitally print your full-colour graphics in high resolution on the finest vinyl available and quickly ship them to you!

Speed and convenience are several reasons why it is important to choose Billboard Media. Print vinyl banners make effective advertising tools. The content of an ad gets people’s attention, but the size is equally important.

If your business is interested in vinyl banners Melbourne, contact the professionals at Billboard Media today!

Outdoor Media

Make BIG impressions with high-quality outdoor media. We utilise the latest, cutting edge, large format, digital print technology. This allows us to create billboard skins to all sizes with speedy output and high DPI quality.

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Our Technology

HP Latex 1600 Printer

HP Latex 1600 Printer

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HP Latex 3000 Printer

HP Latex 3000 Printer

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