Posters are a quick, economical and eye-catching way to get your brand noticed with visual advertising. Posters can be used to showcase products, advertise your brand or promote sales and events. There are many location options for displaying posters including store windows, sandwich boards, café menus, in-store clip frames, walls, real estate signs, notice boards, sporting games, and more. Hugo offers poster printing on a variety of stock including matt, satin, gloss and synthetic and can be laminated for outdoor use. Backlit poster printing is also available for use in light boxes; particularly popular in cinemas and shopping centres. 

We produces large volumes of high-quality poster prints with rapid turnaround times. Options include single and double-sided formats, with an ability to be backlit for illuminated display.

Retail Display

Street Advertising

Train Stations

Bus Shelters

Shopping Malls

Our Technology

HP Latex 1600 Printer

HP Latex 1600 Printer

Now you can boost your productivity, while still achieving the quality you need. Speed and...

HP Latex 3000 Printer

HP Latex 3000 Printer

Produce fine details, a wide colour gamut, and a flexible ink layer with 6 colours and 1200dpi...

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