Outdoor Media

Make a BIG impression with digital print billboard skins. We utilise the latest, cutting edge, large format, digital print technology. This allows us to create billboard skins to all sizes with speedy output and high DPI quality. This gives our agency and media partners the peace of mind they need to get the job done on time and on budget. Applications: Billboards, Bus Shelters, Hoardings, Transit Media, Events.

Billboard Skins

Digitally printed using a single-sided vinyl, with either a welded pocket or Keder rope finish. We can finish Billboard Skins to any size using in house vinyl welders. Printed extensions & overlays can also be manufactured in house if you’re looking to add a 3D dimension to your creative design.

SAV (Self Adhesive Vinyl)

Self Adhesive Vinyl is used for internal/external retail use.
It allows for installation directly to wall, partitions, columns, floors. Anything solid can have SAV applied to it. Its impact is dynamic and vibrant.

One Way Vision Material

See-through graphic technology. Comprises products designed to be seen, and to be  seen through.

Our Technology

HP Latex 1600 Printer

HP Latex 1600 Printer

Now you can boost your productivity, while still achieving the quality you need. Speed and...

HP Latex 3000 Printer

HP Latex 3000 Printer

Produce fine details, a wide colour gamut, and a flexible ink layer with 6 colours and 1200dpi...

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